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AIRCOM established on 2020 to contribute to the market demand of utilities maintenance ,boiler ,chillers and air compressors field and addition to support the oil and gas industry with customized solutions on the upstream and maintenance services 

specialized in preventive and corrective maintenance of Steam boilers ,water Boilers, LPG ?natural gas burners , Diesel Burners trouble shooting  and compressor and chiller system – Rental of Portable Diesel air compressors and Gas Detection and Analyser

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Our Products

we are the industry head on Air, Steam and fluid control

OIL Injected Screw Air compressors

Boilers for steam and hot water

pneumatic ,analysers and instrumentations

Portable Diesel air compressor Rental 380cfm to 900 cfm

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

Our Contributions

we supply steam and water boilers ,provide services of boilers maintenance and maintenance schedule for boilers , Gas and Diesel Burner trouble shooting and repair ,flue gas analyses , refractory repair and training program 


we carry our installation ,design and commissioning of oil and gas industry ,engineering and supply of parts ,like valves ,instrumentation ,pneumatic and regulators etc..

boiler service

we do all type of maintenance of air compressors ,analyzers ,plant trouble shooting

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